Hieratic Studies Online 4 erschienen

Der vierte Band der Reihe Hieratic Studies Online ist erschienen:

Kyra van der Moezel, Administrative Hieratic from dynasties 19 and 20 : case studies on selected groups of ostraca with necropolis administration. Hieratic Studies Online 4, Mainz 2022. http://doi.org/10.25358/openscience-7839.

The publication, linked to the data in the online database AKU-PAL, discusses various aspects of ostraca with administrative hieratic script from Ramesside times. The genre of administrative writing is considered and the designation “necropolis journal” is rejected in favor of a more inclusive reference to necropolis administration. The economy of the writing process is analyzed especially in the form of economizing marks and practices of abbreviation. Palaeographic peculiarities in the composition of hieratograms are reviewed as well as text planning and hints at the cognitive writing process. Finally, the handwritings of three scribes are palaeographically reviewed. These aspects are embedded in an overall review of the workflow of scribes in Deir el-Medina during dynasties 19 and 20 and the question how they set up documents and wrote down their administration.